Welcome to A Journey with Rose Medicine

The transformational program that will guide you to the healing essence of the Rose

A powerful portal of embodied plant connection

This Journey of Rose Medicine is for you if:

You've been feeling a strong connection towards the Rose, and wondering about its message and symbolism.

You feel called to deepen your understanding of plants and their spiritual significance, and to develop a more intimate connection with them.

You're seeking to develop a rich daily practice of connecting with the spirit that unites all living beings, both within and around us.

Discover the transformational journey of plant spirit communion


The Journey with Rose Medicine

Embark on a month-long transformative journey of plant intelligence and explore the subtle art of plant communion with the spirit of Rose as your guide.

This guided experience invites you to deepen your connection with your inner guidance system and tap into your body's wisdom. Through a series of plant rituals, meditations, and herbal practices, you'll learn to connect directly with the powerful teachings of Rose.

For centuries, Rose has been revered as a plant ally and used in ceremonies and rituals. Its high vibrational frequency brings harmony, balance, and ease to our heart, mind, and body. This journey with Rose will also help you navigate the shadow aspects of love, such as heartbreak, grief, and trauma, with compassion and courage.

As a teacher deeply connected to the wisdom of the womb, the Earth, and the Divine Mother, Rose helps us turn inward, access our intuition, creativity, and grace.

By refining your ability to sense and interact with subtle energetic forces, this journey will deepen your connection to your inner wisdom, your vision, and your life's purpose.

Are you ready to step into the transformative power of Rose and unlock your full potential? Join us on this magical journey today.


Chun-mui Miller

Chun-mui has trained extensively with teachers from around the world in the art of plant spirit medicine, including the study of the Amazonian plant spirit modality of plant dieting, also known as plant dietas. It is through her extensive study of plant dieting that she came to develop a profound and deep relationship with the medicine of Rose, whom she now reveres as one of her most treasured master teachers.

After embarking on her own personal healing journey, Chun-mui spent the last decade devoted to learning the science and magic of the green world. As a certified western clinical herbalist, and an experienced mindfulness and meditation practitioner and teacher, she has a deep commitment to natural healing and earth wisdom traditions.

Leveraging her unique approach to healing, Chun-mui walks alongside you as your ally and guide every step of the way on this incredible journey of plant spirit communion.


Rose Medicine

This Rose Medicine Initiation includes five 1:1 weekly sessions over the course of one month with your guide Chun-mui Miller, and a Rose Medicine Initiation Guidebook and Protocol.

Throughout this initiation, you'll have the opportunity to engage and commune with Rose in many different ways.

You'll learn about and work with Rose through an array of herbal practices including daily rituals, medicine making, and plant meditations.

You'll also be guided through practices that cultivate your inner awareness and connect you with the spirit of Rose.

This approach to herbal study views plants as sentient beings with their own wisdom and perspectives that we honor and respect. Through the practice of plant spirit communication, we can build a relationship with Rose as we would with a friend or teacher, engaging in a dialogue that leads to a unique harmony and resonance between us. This practice can also be seen as a form of alchemy.

This program offers a powerful and transformative experience, providing you with the tools and guidance you need to tap into your own innate healing abilities and unlock your full potential.

Join us and experience the magic of natural healing and earth wisdom!

What's included in the program?

5 x 1:1 weekly sessions with founder Chun-mui Miller

Each session is carefully designed to support and guide you through the initiation journey with Rose medicine. Here's what to expect from each session:

  1. Prep Session: Chun-mui reviews with you all the protocols and preparations needed to begin your initiation journey. You'll learn how to set your intentions, prepare your body for engagement, and have an opportunity to ask any questions for understanding and clarification.
  2. Opening Ceremony: this sacred ceremony officially launches your initiation journey and opens the portal for the transformative work to come.
  3. Initiation, Facilitation, and Reflection Session: during this session, you'll have the opportunity to share your progress, reflect on your experiences, and inquire as needed.
  4. Closing Ceremony: in this special ceremony, Chun-mui will guide you in reverently closing the portal of initiation, bringing closure to the journey.
  5. Integration Session: this final session gives you the opportunity to reflect, share, and receive support for integrating this transformative experience into your everyday life.
Rose Medicine Initiation Protocol and Guidebook

In addition to the 5 sessions, you'll also receive a Rose Medicine Initiation Protocol and Guidebook. This package includes a preparation e-guide with all of the information you need to prepare for the initiation process, including engagement protocols, nutritional guidelines, and guidance on how to set your intentions. You'll also receive an e-guidebook that covers the many Rose medicine practices and exercises for merging with Rose during the initiation process.

Equipped with this comprehensive package, you'll be fully supported to embark on your transformative journey with Rose medicine.


Are you ready to bloom?

Whether you've been on a spiritual path for years or are just beginning to explore, if you're ready to take the next step in your healing journey, then Rose Medicine Initiation is the program for you.

You'll be expertly guided through a powerful process of self-discovery and inner healing, helping you to unlock your full potential and live your most authentic, fulfilling life.

Don't wait any longer - join us today and start your journey to a more vibrant, connected, and empowered you.

Sign up for the Rose Initiation program now and discover your true potential!

Here's what you can expect to gain from this Rose Medicine Initiation:

Learn the art of plant spirit communion

Become initiated into the mystical teachings of the Rose - tapping into ancient wisdom revealed to spiritual devotees through the ages. Open the gateways to cultivating a rich and rewarding relationship as student, friend and beloved of the Rose.

Deepen your relationship with yourself

Learn to connect with your heart and intuition. By cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself, you'll be able to make better decisions and live a more authentic life.

Attune to the existing vital knowledge already within you

Tap into the undiscovered wisdom that is already within you, that provides guidance for healing yourself and your community. This will provide you with a sense of empowerment and purpose.

Connect with your creative expressiveness and gain clarity of vision

Tap into your creative potential and gain clarity of vision. Express yourself in new and exciting ways and live a more fulfilling life.

Commune and align with the natural world

Learn how to open to the more subtle realms of communication with the natural world, while aligning to the rhythms within nature and of your own inner nature. This will allow you to live in greater harmony with the world around you.

Learn the ways of consent, right relationship, and reciprocity

By establishing reciprocal relationships with nature, you'll discover how to navigate the world in a way that is respectful and sustainable.

Enrich your support system

Gain access to herbal medicine, ritual, ancestral council, and community, thereby creating a supportive environment that will enable you to thrive.