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Greetings, beautiful One, I am Chun-mui, a devotee of mother Earth, and a voice for universal Love and liberation. I serve to awaken the remembrance of our sacred origins, and to support others in their journey to reclaiming and restoring wholeness.

I believe that when individuals thrive, we amplify our ability to make a positive impact on our families, workplaces, and communities. This creates a ripple effect of well-being, healing, and joy that reaches far and wide. Together, let's construct a thriving ecosystem that cherishes and prioritizes the value of well-being, ultimately benefiting us all.

What our clients are saying

Invaluable work - the best I've ever felt in my body

"Chun-mui embodies all that she teaches - her wisdom, support and guidance have not only helped me to heal but also to re-member, and to be free. My life now vibrates with possibility".

- Sophie

Entrepreneur & Marketing Coach

I completely transformed my diet and came away with better health

“Chun-mui helped me to completely transform my diet, which resulted in reduction of bodily inflammation and increased energy, vitality and stamina. I was able to resolve many personal obstacles while collaborating with Chun-mui in a relatively short period of time and came away with better health as well as emotional, mental and spiritual tools and space to launch into a more whole and authentic way of being”.

- Lisa


Our Botanical Wellness Products

Remembrance Apothecary offers sacred botanical wellness products for daily rituals of well-being into your everyday life.

Our products are crafted and formulated for the maximum potency and effectiveness using the highest quality natural ingredients and craftsmanship.

From our transformative skincare products that rejuvenate and nourish your skin, to our herbal tea blends that soothe and uplift your senses, to our botanical perfume oils and aromatherapy mists that transport you to a realm of divinity and serenity – our product line is a gateway to total holistic well-being.

Golden Glow Facial Oil

"This is the first facial product that I've ever been obsessed with. I would frequently forget to moisturize my skin because none of the face oils i tried inspired me to use them. With Golden Glow, the whole experience is sensual; its color, it's texture and don't even get me started on the fragrance... I'm in love with the way it smells! This oil actually got me into the habit of putting oil on my face at night because of how much I love it." - Miriam

Sacred Rose Water - Aura Mist

"All rose water isn't created equal. This one from Remembrance Apothecary is the best." - KG

Blue Lotus Perfume

"I'm in love with this perfume. It smells amazing and gives me an uplifting sweet boost. I want everyone to experience it! "- Miranda

Golden Glow Facial Oil

"I am a loyal user of the Golden Glow facial oil. I am prone to hyper pigmentation and tend to get cystic breakouts on the lower part of my face around my chin and below my cheeks. The first time I used the Golden Glow oil, the very next day the inflammation had gone down and my hyper pigmentation had faded. It is literally magic in a bottle!" - Elena

Sacred Space - Aura Mist

"My favorite tool for cleansing. I use it daily to refresh and clear my space and energy. " - Noel

Golden Glow Facial Oil

"Remembrance Apothecary products have been part of myself care ritual for over a year. My favorite is the Golden Glow facial oil. I can feel the love and care made in the oil, and I love how it smells and feels on my face as it keeps it moisturized." - Miranda