Hydration and moisturization are essential steps in my daily skincare ritual. It’s important to note that hydration and moisturization are different, and while both are important, hydration is the first step to achieving healthy looking skin.

This is why Step Two of my all-natural daily skincare ritual is HYDRATING with our Rose Facial Toner 🌹.

This gentle botanical toner not only removes dirt and unclogs pores, but also helps to balance the skins pH and improve circulation for a tighter, more toned look. It hydrates the skin, preparing it for the next step, moisturization.

Our handcrafted rose toner is made with pure rose hydrosol and the finest damask rose oil, providing not only amazing benefits for your skin, but also a soothing aroma to start your day.

To apply the toner:

1. Hold 6 inches away from the face and mist all over.
2. Gently press into the skin helping it to absorb and hydrate.

You can check out my video below showing how I use our Hydrating Rose Facial Toner.

With Love, Chun-Mui xx

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