Service Offerings


1:1 Health & Spiritual Wellness Coaching

Our personalized 1:1 holistic wellness sessions will guide you on a journey to reconnect with nature and unlock your body's own healing abilities.

FREE Discovery Call

Unlock the key to transforming your health with a FREE 20-minute call with our founder, Chun-mui Miller. Discover how to establish healthy habits that lead to a healthier life, awaken within and tap into your body's natural healing abilities, harness the power of plants to heal both physically and emotionally, and develop a daily practice of resilience.

Rose Medicine Initiation

A month-long journey working with the spirit of Rose, a powerful teacher and ally that has supported humanity since ancient times. This initiation is an opportunity to explore the world of plant wisdom through the art of deep listening and remembering. Deepen your connection to yourself, your vision and your life's purpose.