Our founder Chun-mui Miller has studied the science and spiritual teachings of western and indigenous herbalism, botany, and plant spirit medicine with teachers and masters from around the world. She received her certification as a Western Clinical Herbalist close to home - from the esteemed Berkeley Herbal Center - and was recently featured in their Alumni Series.

In the article, Chun-mui shares her personal journey from corporate burnout to healing with plant-based remedies. Discover the inspiring journey of our founder as she uncovers her passion for herbal healing and the inspiration to building her business during a pivotal time in her life.

You can read the article HERE.

While working as a wardrobe stylist in the fast-paced fashion industry, Chun-mui's busy lifestyle left her with little time and energy for self-care. One day, she faced a health crisis when she experienced a prolonged and heavy menstrual period that led her to seek medical attention at the emergency room. After being diagnosed with large uterine polyps and advised to undergo surgery, she sought alternative solutions.

Chun-mui spent months researching natural health alternatives and immersed herself in the world of herbalism, exploring plant medicine healing and transitioning to a whole foods, plant-based diet. She prioritized meditation and mindfulness practices, listening to her body's needs instead of ignoring or overriding them, and spent more time in nature.

After a few months, Chun-mui healed her body completely without surgery. She experienced a new found sense of appreciation for her body, and what was once one of her greatest challenges ultimately revealed her profound passion and love for the world of plant medicine healing. Herbalism helped her remember the natural healer within and connected and attuned her to the joy present in her own life and in the greater world around her.

Now, armed with extensive knowledge in western clinical herbalism and plant medicine therapeutics, Chun-mui empowers her clients to rediscover their innate power to heal, connect, and thrive in vibrant health and wholeness.



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