The Beauty Way is a concept that originates from the Dine (Navajo) culture. It refers to a path, a way to walk in the world with the intention and actions of living in harmony with all life.

The Beauty Way entails regarding all of our relations as sacred and honoring them with respect and care. This includes our human relatives, plant relatives, animal relatives, cosmic relatives, and all life in general.

The Beauty Way is an invitation available to everyone.

At Remembrance Apothecary, this perspective guides our approach to the art of making medicine in our beauty products. We aim to create products that align with the principles of the Beauty Way, promoting harmony and respect for all life.

In our commitment to the Beauty Way, we carefully select ingredients for our beauty products. We consider the process in which the ingredients were grown, harvested, and crafted, ensuring that each step is conducted with intention and care. We believe that this sacred approach to crafting our products provides them with high vibrational properties, which can help support your own Beauty Way journey.

Our goal is to offer you beauty products that not only enhance your outer beauty, but also align with your inner beauty and spirit.

Thank you for choosing Remembrance Apothecary and for joining us on the path of the Beauty Way.

With love, Chun-mui xx

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